Conveyer cleaner

The advantages for you in choosing an Ingemann conveyor cleaner

  • ​​Fewer production stoppages
  • Greater productivity
  • Better hygiene
  • Higher quality level​​

General description

Machine that runs constantly to wash hinge and belt conveyors, designed to be installed under the side panels on new or already existing conveyor systems.


All parts of the conveyor cleaner are made in stainless steel, PVC (the wringer roll) or felt (the washing band).

Since the cleaner is installed under the conveyor, there are no special space requirements.

The cleaner prevents transfer of dirt to packaging and prevents product spills from accumulating on the conveyor belts.

Do you have these problems?

  • Conveyors getting dirty during production?
  • Constant pressure from hygiene inspectors?
  • Oily, sticky or foaming products, poisonous products or products that must be hygienic are not only in the packaging, but underneath it?
  • Cleaning can only be carried out when production is stopped?
  • Hygiene during production ends on reaching the transport systems?
  • The transport systems are damaged by hardened products?
  • High water consumption increases costs?

If you answer yes to just one of these questions, a conveyor cleaner from Ingemann will solve your problem.

We will be happy to give you a quote without obligation.

We simply need to know some details:

  1. What conveyor system do you use? (Hinge conveyor, belt conveyor)
  2. How wide is the belt?
  3. A description of the dirt or soiling
  4. How is the conveyor cleaned at present?

Our conveyor cleaner is especially suitable for cleaning:

  • bakery conveyors
  • slicing conveyors
  • cosmetic products
  • chemical products
  • pharmaceuticals
  • in the drinks industry
  • in the food industry

Water consumption

10-15 litres/hour



approx. 50 kg without water


3x400V - 50Hz


Ex Works

Our precision and quality optimise your customers’ uptime!

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