IM - Robo-Coup

Your benefits by choosing an Robo-Coup from Ingemann

  • A Robot-Coupling system transmit power, compressed air and ICT signal
  • Made to connect all kind of robot tools
  • Connecting and disconnecting made fast and easy
  • Modulized system - more capacity (output) can be increased when needed​
  • Plug & Play coupling

  • ​​Repeatability: ±0,05mm
  • Forces: 3.200N in all directions
  • Torques: up to 1.500Nm in all directions
  • Power connection (Weidmüller – Heavy duty)
    • 400V / 6 kW
    • Modular system
    • Transmission of ICT signals: network 8 pins
  • Transmission of compressed air: 8bar, pneumatic ½”
  • To connect: no additional force
  • To disconnect: compressed air, max 2.5bar
  • Mechanical gland: compensation of inaccuracies up to 30 mm


Ex Work


Blue Ocean Robotics

Thomas Solupajev- Ronlev

Mob.: +370 685 35 145


1. Connecting robot arm with the tooling

2. Connecting few robot units into one system

3. Connecting robot unit with the third-party equipment

​​1. 1/8” BSP

2. (x4) holes for M8

3. (x4) holes for M6X90 (x4)

4. holes for M6X60

5. 1/2” BSP

6. Weidmüller - Heavy duty

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