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The story short

In 1975, Helge Ingemann established Ingemanns Maskinværksted in a barn at his home address. As the level of activity increased, the need for space increased with it. A completely new factory was built in Gevninge, near Roskilde in 1990.

The company maintained its success, and UAB Precizika Metal with its engineering factory in Lithuania was acquired in 2008. Primarily, it increased capacity, bit it was also a move towards lower costs.

Today there are 43 motivated employees working at the two factories under the INGEMANN brand. In 2014 they generated a turnover of about 3,3 mill. € million altogether.

The owners and overall managers are Helge Ingemann and his son, Bo Ingemann.

The guiding principles

The company celebrated its 40th jubilee in 2015. For many people, that would automatically be a reason to boast of long experience. Helge and Bo Ingemann are more cautious. They are strongly aware that if experience is merely a sign that time has passed, with each day a copy of the previous one, then experience is like standing on the platform with a ticket for a train that has already departed. They have always challenged themselves and focused sharply on innovation and self-criticism. Besides unique solutions for customers, it has resulted in a number of products with a significant degree of innovation.

As subcontractors, the company acknowledges the importance of thinking in terms of value chains. They do not simply focus on their customers’ needs, but on the needs of customers’ customers. 

That is why Ingemann attaches such importance to taking part in designing and developing new products with customers. Deep insight is needed, with an understanding of the real, underlying requirements, and the path taken by the product from manufacture to installation and operation. Then ideally the customer should focus on the total net costs of collaboration instead of a bare price. The price alone is only a small part of the costs. That is the most difficult part to change to any great extent.

At INGEMANN we believe in the importance of:

  • Focused professionalism
  • Delivery on time
  • Credibility
  • Commitment
  • Know-how
  • Creative solutions
  • Challenging ideas and add them out together

And last, but not least, our motto is: “It must be easy to be an INGEMANN customer

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