INGEMANNs history


1th of February Helge Ingemann established Ingemanns Maskinværksted in a barn at his home address.


The start of the "System deliveries" of equipment for large customers. Until 2015, delivered over 500 equipment.


The barn became too small, so there was detached a hall of 175 m².


Another 30 m² was built for expansions.
The first CNC lathe being delivered.


The name was changed to Ingemann Maskinfabrik A/S.


With increasing success, more space was needed. A complete new 1,015 m² company headquarters was built in Gevninge.


Helge's son Bo joined the business as a part of a succession plan.


As an element of the generational handover, Ingemann Holding A/S was established.


A new 460 m² factory building was added to keep up with demand.


Ingemann Holding A/S acquired UAB Precizika Metal in Lithuania to increase capacity.

  • 1961 - Establishment of a Lithuanian subsidiary of ENIMS (R&D), whose activities included design, production and manufacture of machinery and equipment for high-precision metrological instruments.
  • 1991 – The Lithuanian-American Joint Venture Brown & Sharpe – Precizika took over production after Lithuania declared its independence.
  • 2007 – The company name was changed to UAB Precizika Metrology.
  • 2008 On 15 March Ingemann Holding A/S acquired the machine section of UAB Precizika Metrology, and UAB Precizika Metal was founded.


INGEMANN, like others, was affected by the credit crunch, and had to downsize. UAB Precizika Metal was moved to more suitable premises, machinery was moved to Lithuania, and Microsoft C5 production management software was introduced.


Investment in new, modern machinery in Gevninge.


UAB Precizika Metal got the certificate 9001:2008: "Machining and production of customer specified parts, supply chain management and logistics".


The company celebrated its 40th jubilee. INGEMANN was chosen as the brand for future activities.

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