Vacuum table

IM Vak - Flex


  • It can also hold non-magnetic materials (plastics, stainless steel, aluminium)
  • All processing can be done in one setup
  • No vices or clamps to get in the way
  • Setting up is flexible
  • Setting up is fast
  • Workpieces can be changed fast
  • Raster table for O-ring strings, or a mat can be used
  • No marks from clamps

We originally developed the vacuum table for our own use, as we could not find a flexible system to hold non-magnetic workpieces in our manufacturing processes.

We now sell vacuum tables to other companies, who are able to use the modular tables for flexible setting up and rapid changes of workpieces.

Suction capacity per table unit (200 x 300 mm)

With the mat, approx. 360 kg at 90 % vacuum.

Raster table with O-ring string approx. 450 kg at 90% vacuum.


Table with mat

Material: Aluminium AlMg3

Cutting machine: Ø100 mm, 4-bit head

Revolutions: 4000 RPM

Engagement: 70 %

Cutting depth: 3 mm

Tensioning: 0.2 mm / tooth (feed – 3000)

Vacuum table / raster table

The flat table (200 x 300) is intended for use with a mat – optimal suction 360 kg.

The raster table (200 x 300) can be used with an O-ring string 450 kg. (can also be used with a mat)

Mat / O-ring string

The mat is suitable for workpieces with few holes going through or none at all.

The raster table with the O-ring string is suitable for items with several large holes right through: with the raster table it is possible to delineate areas where no vacuum is needed.

Vacuum pump

Busch air-cooled single-stage oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pump (type RB 0010 D-version), 10 M3 / hour, final pressure 2 mbar (99.8 % vacuum) incl. 0.37 kW electric motor, multi-voltage type 3x200 240/346-415V 50 Hz / 3x200-266/346-460V 60 Hz. incl. gas ballast valve. Filled with fully synthetic vacuum pump oil (VE 101).

Vacuum intake filter

Busch vacuum intake filter RG ¾” with polyester insert (withstands water) to separate out small particles.


Water separator: automatic or manual

Busch automatic water separator (100 l/hour) 100-906 automatic. Incl. magnetic valve (230V 50/60 Hz). Maintains the vacuum while moisture is filtered out.

Busch manual water container, capacity 9 litres.


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