Our own products

We originally developed the vacuum table for our own use, as we needed a flexible system to hold non-magnetic workpieces in our manufacturing processes.

We now sell vacuum tables to other companies, who are able to use the modular tables for flexible setting up and rapid changes of workpieces.​

A HYRO® Band saw guide prolongs the life of the blade and results in a cut that requires less after-processing or none at all.

HYRO® Band saw guide

​An IM - Hoover helps you move lots of things.

  • EPS (Polystyrene packing chips from cardboard cartons)
  • Coins
  • Wood pellets
  • Plastic granulate
  • Foam granulate

​A robot coupling system to transmit power supply, compressed air and ICT signal

Made to connect all kind of robot tools

Connecting and disconnecting made fast and easy

System is modular - more capacity (output) can be increased when needed

IM - Robo-Coup

​With this O-ring gauge it is very easy to measure O-rings.

Using the sizing cone you can measure O-rings from Ø5 to Ø399.

Ingemann diamond tools consist of extenders and adapters in many standard combinations of different screw threads (1/2”, 5/4” and PIXI).

We also make combinations to order.

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