Fields of activity

INGEMANN is prepared to take part in the following phases. We can offer any phase individually, or integrate all of them together:​

  • Idea and product development

For manufacturing established products we often receive finished drawings to work from. We are naturally happy to do that, but if we are dealing with a completely new product or an undeveloped idea, it is important that we take part in the process from the start. We can then make suggestions as to the final design, so that the product and the manufacturing process are optimally adapted. We can then produce the highest quality and minimize costs for the customer.​

  • Prototypes

When the final design has been determined, the next step is to construct a prototype. We have the necessary facilities and expertise for the task. We take all parameters of manufacturing into consideration, to optimize the subsequent processing.​​​

  • 0-series

Before an item is actually put into production, it may be advisable to run a 0-series production to test the selected design. If it does not function optimally when tested in reality, the necessary fine adjustments can be made.​​

  • Series production

After a successful 0-series has been produced, the actual manufacture can be started.

​If we have taken part in the foregoing phases, we can guarantee a problem-free manufacturing process.​

  • Quality control

Thorough quality assurance is an indispensable part of our manufacturing process. We also carry out quality control as a stand-alone procedur​

Our precision and quality optimise your customers’ uptime!

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