INGEMANN collaborates with customers in the following ways:​

  • Order production

We produce according to customers’ orders, to quoted prices or for payment as per account rendered.

  • Framework agreements

If the customer’s annual requirements are predictable and relatively stable, a framework agreement will be optimum for both sides. As a customer​

  • You pay a lower price
  • You need less in stock and can save storage space
  • Delivery times are short

System deliveries

We offer to make life easier for you as our customer. We can act as a total supplier of system deliveries. Instead of only supplying parts, we supply an assembled solution or a larger part of the total solution. We take charge of procurement, logistics, assembly and quality control. You only need to concentrate on one supplier.​

An example of a system delivery is a falling weight deflectometer, which consists of up to 572 different components. We make most of these ourselves and purchase others, such as the overrun brake, lights, the wheel shafts, hydraulic fittings and wheels. We then assemble them all into a complete unit. There are two types of falling weight deflectometers and twelve models altogether.

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